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Tabor & Bodega

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Das Leben des John Baldessari, erzählt von Tom Waits.

“Everything is purged from this painting but art, no ideas have entered this work.”

Kendrick The Roper

24. September 2012

He ropin’.

The true story of Kendrick, a young calf roper we met in Louisiana who dreams of one day making it to the Las Vegas rodeo finals.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Skateboard Ballerina

03. September 2012

Kilian ist der Ballett-Tänzer unter den Skateboardern. Hier tanzt er sich mal wieder die Füße blutig.

via welikethat


Battle of the Drumlines ist eine wunderbare Story über die Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band und deren jährlichen, gleichnamigen Battle (of the Drumlines). Synchrone, rhythmische Schnitte von Peter Crosby und Show Love Productions.



A documentary short exploring the concept of the drumline, featuring footage and interviews filmed in Brooklyn in April 2012 during the annual Battle of the Drumlines. Hosted by the Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band (bksteppers.org) the event draws the finest talent from the Tri-state area for a unique event, with this year’s special guests North Carolina A&T Cold Steel (coldsteel1985.com).